Latisse Changing the Way You Look One Lash at a Time

No matter how short, fragile or sparse your eyelashes are now, LATISSE®, with its patented formula for eyelash growth, can help you achieve thicker and longer eyelashes. LATISSE® is easy to use, FDA approved and effective.

LATISSE® is an innovation backed by research. While LATISSE® is a new treatment to grow eyelashes; its main ingredient was developed through years of research, by Allergan, a pharmaceutical leader, with over 60 years of expertise in prescription eye care products.

Real Measurable Growth

The effects of LATISSE® are a gradual process. LATISSE® users can begin to see results in as little as four weeks. The “peak effect” comes at 16 weeks or four months of use. When applied properly, LATISSE® can make lashes 25% thicker, 106% longer and 18% darker.

One big advantage is you will spend less time applying your mascara. Since LATISSE® will provide you with a thicker lash base, enhancement with makeup will be minimal. However, many of our patients actually enjoy playing up their new gorgeous, longer lashes with mascara.

LATISSE® takes just seconds to apply. First, you place one drop of the liquid on a sterile applicator and swipe the applicator over the upper lid margin, where the lashes meet the eyelid, once each day. LATISSE® should be applied as directed, or eyelashes will return to their previous length, if the product is discontinued. LATISSE® is a quick and simple way to get lush, natural eyelashes.

Tips for Success — Your Guide to Making the Most of LATISSE™

  • Try to incorporate LATISSE® into your nightly routine — for example, after you’ve washed your face and brushed your teeth. Store the bottle near your other skin care products or toothbrush, so you won’t forget to apply it each night.
  • LATISSE® takes time to work. Don’t overuse it, as this may increase the chance of experiencing eye redness or itchiness. If your eye makeup remover leaves an oily residue on your eyelids, wipe off any excess oils with soap and water, or with OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub Eye Cleanser to ensure a clean surface before you apply LATISSE®.
  • Always use the sterile, disposable FDA-approved applicator provided in the kit.
  • Don’t try to apply LATISSE® with a cotton swab. The applicator provided in the kit is specially designed to hold a drop and release a drop.

Possible LATISSE® Side Effects:

The most common LATISSE® side effects are eye redness and itchiness. This was experienced in less than four percent of users. Some people saw a reduction of these symptoms as their eyes became accustomed to the product. In some cases, increased pigmentation of the eyelids can occur. People who have allergies to any of the ingredients found in LATISSE® are encouraged not to use the product. For optimum eye health, LATISSE® is safest when prescribed and monitored by an ophthalmologist . We will document your success with LATISSE® with beautiful color photographs of your results and will monitor your eyes for any changes or reactions you may experience.

To learn more about Latisse click here to read our FAQ sheet

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